Haniotis Hellas_Diamond Euphoria Bee Charm_Gold_White natural Diamonds_Charms_Charm_Necklace_Pendant_Athens_Paros_Chains
Haniotis Hellas_Diamond Euphoria Bee Charm_Gold_White natural Diamonds_Charms_Charm_Necklace_Pendant_Athens_Paros_Chains_Back View

Diamond Bee Euphoria Charm in Solid Gold

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Bee's Euphoria: Mythic Charms of Harmony - The Symbolic Bee's Wisdom: Guiding You to Euphoric Harmony
Indulge in the euphoric harmony symbolized by the bee from our exquisite collection of Mythical Treasures. Crafted by Haniotis Hellas, this captivating charm embodies the profound wisdom, balance, and harmony represented by the enchanting bee. Meticulously crafted from 18K gold, each charm emanates an irrefutable elegance and timeless allure. Allow the bee's symbolic wisdom to guide you to a state of euphoric harmony, evoking a sense of inner bliss and fulfillment.
Embrace Renewal: Celestial Splendor of Stars, Moon, and the Protective Eye
Immerse yourself in a realm of renewal as you explore the celestial splendor adorning the reverse side of our symbolic bee charm. Delight in the transformative energy of the stars, symbolizing fresh beginnings, endless possibilities, and untapped potential. The crescent moon graces your path with its gentle glow, while the protective eye shields you from negativity and invites positive energies. Embrace the cosmic elements, embarking on a journey of renewal, and bask in the euphoria of a future filled with growth and positivity.
Crafted in Athens: Unveiling the Mythical Aura of Greek Artistry
Unveil the mythical aura of Greek artistry with our remarkable bee charm, meticulously crafted in the heart of Athens, Greece. The skilled artisans at Haniotis Hellas infuse ancient techniques with contemporary ingenuity to bring you a masterpiece. Backed by a life guarantee and a certificate of authenticity, this charm is a testament to our unwavering commitment to exceptional quality. Combine this bee charm with other captivating pieces from the Mythical Treasures collection, such as the Lion or the Pegasus, to curate a truly extraordinary and euphoric aesthetic.


  • Color: Gold
  • Composition: 18K Gold
  • Clasp fastening
  • Charm holder
  • Natural white round brilliant cut diamonds G VS  0,17ct Bezel-set
  • Talisman measures 20mm
  • Double sided
  • Place of Origin: EU
  • Handmade in Greece

This charm can be paired with any Chain of our Mythical Treasures collection.


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