1. Discover the Majesty of Ceto: A Timeless Ring from the Eternal Waves Collection 2. Elevate Your Style with the Grace of Ceto: A Captivating Ring Inspired by Greek Mythology 3. Ceto: A Ring that Transcends Trends and Adds Elegance to Your Every Look 4. Unveil the Timeless Beauty of Ceto: A Handcrafted Ring from Greece 5. Make a Statement with Ceto: The Perfect Combination of Minimalism and Grandeur
Indulge in the elegant allure of our Ceto ring from the Eternal Waves Collection. Crafted in Greece from 14K gold, this handcrafted masterpiece draws inspiration from Greek mythology and the majestic Aegean Sea. Embrace its visually elongating design and wear it with confidence for any occasion. Discover the heritage of Haniotis Hellas and enjoy the authenticity and lifetime guarantee of this timeless heirloom.Χανιώτης, κοσμήματα, δαχτυλίδια, Αθήνα, Πάρος
- Ceto ring - Eternal Waves Collection - Greek mythology inspired jewelry - Clean minimal lines - Visually elongating effect - Versatile statement piece - Bold and striking look - Handcrafted in Greece - 14K gold - Timeless beauty - Ethically sourced materials - Haniotis Hellas_Χανιώτης_κοσμήματα_δαχτυλίδια_
Haniotis Hellas_Eternal Waves__Gold Silver_athens_Paros_Handmade in Greece__Χανιώτησ_κοσμηματα__Δαχτυλίδια χρυσό_Ceto Rings. Stilve RINGS. GOLD 14K_Doris Earrings_Rhene Earrings

Ceto Ring in Solid Gold

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Introducing Ceto: A Timeless and Captivating Ring from the Eternal Waves Collection

Embrace the Majesty of the Sea
Unleash the power and elegance of the ancient Greek goddess of the sea with our exquisite Ceto ring from the Eternal Waves Collection. Inspired by the enchanting Aegean Sea and the captivating Greek mythology, this ring embodies the awe-inspiring beauty and mystery of the ocean. With its clean and minimal lines, the Ceto ring is designed to extend beyond the base of your finger, creating a visually elongating effect that demands attention.

A Versatile Statement Piece for Every Occasion
The Ceto ring is not just a piece of jewelry – it is a testament to your personal style and sophistication. Whether you're attending a glamorous event or simply going about your everyday life, this ring is your perfect companion. Pair it with our Harmony ring and Stilve ring for a bold and striking statement look that exudes confidence and charm. Alternatively, wear it alone with your casual attire to add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your everyday style.

Craftsmanship and Timelessness Redefined
Handcrafted in Greece from the finest 14K gold, the Ceto ring is a symbol of exquisite quality and timeless beauty. Its design transcends trends, making it an heirloom piece that can be treasured for generations to come. Each ring comes with a certificate of Authenticity, ensuring that the materials used are ethically sourced. We take pride in our commitment to responsible production, and all our jewelry is proudly created by Haniotis Hellas, a renowned Greek jewelry company.


  • Color: Gold
  • Composition: 14K gold
  • Size: Adjustable
  • Place of Origin: EU
  • Handmade in Greece

Product: WER044

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